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Too early for tomorrow... our pet project

Saturday, August 21, 2010


They were running a free show of Udaan at the Dogra Hall yesterday. I took it as a welcome break from the strangling schedule here.

The theme was very contemporary: boy wants to do something while the father wants him to do something else. Add to it that the father is a psycho who keeps beating his children and marrying every time his wife dies.

The director does an excellent work mostly, except at the end. The ending could be better. If the solution is to run away from home, he could have done it a lot earlier: why wait so long?

The music was good and the background songs were well placed. The acting skills of all the actors deserve special mention.

It was a good experience which refreshed my mind.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

P ≠ NP

While we carry on with our daily chores, one of the biggest breakthroughs in the realm of theoretical computer science may have just been made.

Vinay Deolalikar of HP Research Labs, Palo Alto has just released a paper to his fellow researchers claiming to have proved that P ≠ NP. This was something that has been baffling the greatest computer scientists of the day. Everyone sort of knew that the result was this, but, somehow, the proof had been eluding them. Such was the craze that there's a $1M prize money for the proof. Now the paper will be scanned from jacket to jacket under the eyes of uber-math geeks. (To get the feel of the uber-math geek thing, see this.) And if the approach turns out to be genuine, quite a few text books will have to be written.

The most important thing is that the gentleman at the centre of all this is an Indian.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

If I have been away from my blog for a little over two weeks it's because I have not had much time to think beyond eating, sleeping and solving assignments, the last forming a major part of the daily chores.

The professors keep setting assignments and we are expected to find time to do them. And, mind you, they are not routine assignments: each one of them is enough to fry your circuitry for good. Lectures are neither long nor too many. But self-study and assignments form a major part of the goings-on. And as a result we spend most of the day in the lab: be it weekday or weekend, night or day.

However, you keep liking the things because the environment keeps you going. You always want to utilise the resources being provided to you to the fullest. And that is why there is no reason to complain.

Until next when I find time, have a good time.