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Monday, September 7, 2009

Monocellular again

At last, I got another cell. It's a Samsung Guru E1410 (God knows why they call it Guru).

At 2800 bucks, it's a touch high priced than my last one. But it has got a hoard of new features (not sure how many I will be using, though). It has got, bluetooth, FM, 1 GB memory free (expandable to 4 GB), and ear piercingly loud dual speakers. The idea that steals the show however is the anti-theft tracker. It claims that whenever a new SIM will be inserted into the set, it will send SMSs to two preset numbers about the new number. And another anti-theft enabled device may be used to remotely delete information from the phone, divert calls from it, and also know the location of the phone. (after the loss of the last phone, it didn't require much persuasion on the part of the shopkeeper to push this to me). Not tested any of the features though as it is still on charging mode.

My mother says that it's another invitation to the thief. (She feels that he may have been fiddling in my pockets everyday in train since the last theft!!!) Don't know if it is so. But if this goes, then this is the last time I buy a cell.

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