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Too early for tomorrow... our pet project

Monday, October 12, 2009


Guess the next Noble Peace Prize will come to me. You ask why? Well, for not indulging in any violence, of course. If Obama, with his army killing inoocents in Iraq and Afganisthan, can get one, why not I?

The last thing that should have happened is the Noble Committee losng its credibility. But at this rate, it soon will. It's true that they have always been a little potty on the Western side --Mahatma Gandhi didn't get it-- but, Obama! That does it.

Obama should have got No-Bail from prison for the crimes by his army.


  1. someone should have nominated me too for that position, i cud have easily won that....[:P]

  2. yeah, Rohit, you are more peaceful than Obama at least!