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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Some great articles in today's the Times of India

For quite some time now, I have been taking on journalists and newspapers in this blog. Well, I can't help it. Nothing pisses me off more than irresponsibility.

However, I came across two really great articles in today's the Times of India. The first one is by the great writer Paulo Coelho (of The Alchemist fame). It is about making one's works freely available over digital media or not. In his case, his sales picked up after he made his work freely available, may not be so in the case of others. However, this is how any author's (or any intellectual copyright holder's) ethics should work. Read the article here.

The second article is by Jug Suraiya. I have been enjoying his articles for a very long time now, and his sense of humour elates me. In this case, however, he writes about the demands for statehood from every nook and cranny of the country, about narrow regional politics, and about the possible consequences. How aptly he writes. Catch the article here.

What is alarming, however, is it takes special columnists to produce quality articles in a newspaper. The regular journalists continue to produce crap.

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