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Friday, January 22, 2010

Campussing Nama

I got through the Cognizant campus recruitment drive at our college yesterday. But, strangely, I don't feel, in the least, elated. Probably because there were candidates more deserving than me who didn't get through. And some, who cannot say what subjects they had in the last semester, or what was his elective subject, got through. And, I got through with this lot!

I guess, it depends on one's luck. And I was lucky yesterday. The companies do not come to take the best: they come to fish a few students. And in the net get caught both small and big fries: while some are left to cry, but none to hear.

What pained me even more was the wild celebrations of some who got through in the very presence of the lot who didn't get through. There were singing and dancing, and in their midst were people secretly crying, thinking all was lost. And who were celebrating the most? Those who did not deserve to get through at all.

What has man come to? No feelings for one's friends? Lord, make me a wolf in the next birth: at least I will be one of a decent pack.

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