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Thursday, April 1, 2010

SLUG seminar on 30-03-'10

The initiators of the SLUG in our college are going to pass out soon. And we have to do something to ensure that it does not die a natural death. Towards this end, we have planned a series of seminars to filter out some really enthusiastic and interested students who can carry it forward.

The first of the seminars was organised on the 30th of March, 2010. The agenda was:
  • Ubuntu 9.10 installation
  • Intro to FOSS
  • Post installation configuration
  • Venue: IT Gallery
We didn't have much time to publicise the event this time. But the turn out was quite encouraging. Manash Pal (4th year CSE) and Sandipan Das (2nd year CSE) took us through the process of installing Ubuntu 9.10 on a machine. Following our instructions, a lady from first year IT had brought in her laptop and installed it on spot. This was very encouraging. Manash took us through the concepts of partitioning, the system requirements, and other essentials.

We had decided on a bit of pipelining. While the new setup was on on the Dell Optiplex, we switched the projector cord to the Acer laptop with Fedora 10 where Arijeet Mukherjee (3rd year CSE) presented a lively piece on introduction to FOSS. This enlightened the uninitiated on what we are on about. This was followed by Truth Happens to a thunderous applause.

By the time Arijeet had finished, the installation had been completed on the Dell Optiplex. Shinjan came into the scene with his take on post installation configuration. He demonstrated how to set up the network, where to find which package, how to install new packages by the Synaptic Package Manager, the command line and the Ubuntu Software Centre.

At last, we divulged the purpose of the seminar. And when we asked how many would be interested to carry the SLUG forward, at least 5 hands (all belonging to different people) went up. That was quite encouraging as when we had started, we were only 2 of us.

The complete set of pictures from my cam are here.

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