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Monday, June 28, 2010

Harry Potter and his reader from Belur.

I just finished reading the Harry Potter series of books, including a non-authentic but convincing copy of the fifth book. (All pdf ebooks obtained for gratis).

Even a year ago, I was strongly against the idea of reading these books. I never thought that I could comprehend the idea of magical fairy tales. Wand waving and incantations never really got to me. However, I had watched 2 of the 6 films that have been made based on the series: one at school and the other with friends at Nandan.

Shortly after the release of the 6th film (Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince), my friends forced me to agree to watch it. We decided on a budget hall. But the hall was a disappointment. The projector was out of focus, the projector bulb dim. The sound was more that of a rowdy crowd. I understood neither head nor tail of the film. That's when I decided that I am not watching any Harry Potter film until I have read the books. As soon as I reached home, I downloaded the entire series via bit-torrent and started reading it. As I began reading and had done the first few pages, I realised that this was no joke. The more I read, the more I wanted to read. As if the wizards had cast a spell on me. I could not leave it. However, academic engagements delayed the process and it took me almost a year to complete the series. Now I crave for more. I await Rowling's next books as much as I await Dan Brown's next books.

I strongly recommend the series for children and adults alike. (Just look out for the wrong copy of the 5th book)


  1. You can at least hope to understand the upcoming HP film now. Can we watch that in Elite again? You'll be there with us.

    By the way, did HP die in the last book that you read? Or was it the 1/2 blood prince one?

  2. Hope I am not putting a spoiler, but HP does not die at all.

    I will prefer Nandan again. But only if we stay at Kolkata during its release.