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Monday, August 10, 2009

Does anybody care?

I was returning from Esplanade yesterday sitting at a window seat of a BelurMath-Esplanade (Rt. 11) mini bus. As the bus crawled beyond the erstwhile Metro Cinema, and got stuck at the S.N. Bannerjee crossing, I noticed outside the window, in the shadow of the road divider, a man lying in the most uncomfortable of positions. Very soon I noticed that he was lying in a pool of blood. I tugged at my father, "What happened?" My father shrank in fear, "He has been run over!"

I could not help staring. Here was a man lying dead in the middle of one of busiest roads in Kolkata, and no one noticed! And what a gruesome death it was! His brain had been squeezed out of his skull and pasted on the road for some distance. 

When we get a cut, signals are sent to the brain, and we feel pain. But what if the very brain has been sheared out of the body? Is pain felt? I have no idea. And the gods forbid anybody should have an idea on that. Can there be a ghastlier death?

The bus rolled on. Who cared? I found no mention of the incident in the morning papers either: it was not a bestseller after all.


  1. When i was in 1st yr(2nd sem), a bus' rear wheel ran over a boy's belly...& can u imagine I was inside the bus returning from college at about 6pm...i had to see the running over in front of my eyes...most pathetic thing was the passengers of the bus encouraged the driver to run faster so that mob doesn't attack the bus!!!!
    i lost my graphics sheets in the bus as I boarded down a few steps ahead, shocked and terrified...
    later I heard the boy was from IEM 2nd yr...can u ever think of such an attitude of the passengers!!!!....
    Even today also i get a horripilation if I look back at the day...

  2. Yeah, I remember you relating it to me that day and losing the graphics sheets.