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Sunday, November 8, 2009


This is an addendum to my post 'Ignorance may be deceptive.'

Consider this post on Saturday's ABP:

If you notice carefully (if you have the correct browser and fonts and the stuff...) you will notice that the reporter confidently puts the famous Chennai Test of 1999 into the Asian Test Championship. Ignorant fool! Here is my arrogant laughter for you:

Ha Ha Ha!!!

It is a well known fact that the Test series with Pakistan comprised two tests: one at Chennai (which Pakistan marginally won), and the other at Delhi (the famous 10/10 of Kumble). Later the Asian Test Championship began with a India-Pakistan test at the Eden Gardens (the one where Sohaib Akhtar blocked Sachin on a run and got him out: the crowd erupted: and the Test was completed in an empty Eden Gardens on the 5th day).

The journalist knows many details: he may tell you what Sourav Ganguly is having for dinner tonight, or which colour underwear he will wear tomorrow, but he has not got the basics in place!!!

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